Gear Factory edition is out!

posted 11 May 2012, 05:42 by Morten Ditlevsen

Introducing version 3.1 - hot in the heals of the Retina enabled version 3.0. 

This version adds the Gear Factory: Create your very own gears and rings by selecting plastic color and tooth count - and then ignite the laser to cut out the shapes. 

We look so much forward to hearing how you like the functionality hidden in this version - it will enable countless amounts of new patterns for you to explore! 

Other than the Gear Factory - this version includes drawing optimizations - and it squashes a few bugs regarding Undo on the iPhone version. 

Beta testing ÜberDoodle version 2.1.0

posted 1 Sept 2011, 12:36 by Morten Ditlevsen   [ updated 12 Mar 2012, 06:07 ]

Hi all,
We are currently testing the next version of the app - and we would like to thank our sweet beta testers - and all of you who have sent suggestions for feature improvements and absolutely great ideas for ÜberDoodle!

Thank you!

ÜberDoodle version 2.01 is now online on the App Store!

posted 1 Sept 2011, 12:31 by Morten Ditlevsen

ÜberDoodle hits version 2.0!!!

posted 1 Sept 2011, 12:30 by Morten Ditlevsen   [ updated 12 Mar 2012, 06:09 ]

New in version 2.0 is:
iPhone/iPod Touch support! One of the most requested features of ÜberDoodle has been implemented. Now you can doodle on the go through a completely new and simplified user interface for the smaller screens - but with exactly the same features and possibilities as on the iPad.
We have released the app as a universal binary - meaning that the same app installs on both iPad/iPhone and iPod Touch without you having to re-purchase for each device.

Other news in 2.0 are:
Resize rulers: You can now resize the rulers using two fingers in order to draw tiny or huge versions of your favorite patterns.

New graphics: All rulers and gears are now drawn with mathematical precision by the app - this makes it easier for us to give you new gears and rulers in the future - and the formula ensures that the gears always fit in rulers with subpixel precision. :-)

One new gear (33 teeth) and one new ruler (100 teeth) giving a total of 5 gears and 4 rulers and thus 20 different combinations for you to try out!

Small easter egg introduced. See if you can find it and let us know! ;-)

Here are a few iPad and iPhone screenshots of the new version:

ÜberDoodle version 1.2 is out!

posted 1 Sept 2011, 12:28 by Morten Ditlevsen   [ updated 12 Mar 2012, 06:11 ]

New in version 1.2 is:

Finger painting! Apart from drawing with spirograph gears you can now draw with you fingers - perfect for creating beautiful drawings - or for writing small greetings on your drawings.

Undo/redo of every action performed

Special 'do'-button for the lazy ;-) draws a complete doodle with the selected gear and ruler.

More intuitive selection of the holes in the gears. Now you can just tap the holes instead of having to drag-drop colors to the holes.

Performance improvements when drawing.

Previous version is 1.1. News for this version was:

A few bugfixes (thanks to Taroen and to Janett's young son - we're so sorry that you lost your ruler)
One new gear and one new ruler - bringing the total gear/ruler combinations up to 12
Send doodle by email
Rainbow pen that draws beautiful color patterns

Here is a screenshot showing some of the new features. 

ÜberDoodle in action

posted 1 Sept 2011, 12:26 by Morten Ditlevsen

ÜberDoodle screenshots

posted 1 Sept 2011, 12:25 by Morten Ditlevsen

We would love to implement many, many more features in ÜberDoodle - but you can help us prioritize by letting us know what you would like us to do!
If you can't find your suggestion for ÜberDoodle improvements below, please don't hesitate to write us at: suggestions@uberdoodleapp.com

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