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How to

Doodling is really simple! :-)

Drag a gear in circles inside a ruler in order to draw with the currently selected color.

  • To change gear or ruler: Drag a gear into either of the two rulers
  • To change color: Tap on either of the pens on the bottom left
  • To change the hole in which the pen is currently placed:
    Simply tap on the hole you wish to move the pen to

  • To save, email or start a new doodle: Tap the button!

P.S: The button moves, so be careful not to lose it!
P.P.S: Please don't draw on the table! Someone may get upset! :-)

Version History

Version 1.2 -(submitted on September 19th - not yet available on the App Store)

  • Finger painting! Apart from drawing with spirograph gears you can now draw with you fingers - perfect for creating beautiful drawings - or for writing small greetings on your drawings.
  • Undo/redo of every action performed
  • Special 'do'-button for the lazy ;-)  draws a complete doodle with the selected gear and ruler.
  • More intuitive selection of the holes in the gears. Now you can just tap the holes instead of having to drag-drop colors to the holes.
  • Performance improvements when drawing.

Version 1.1 -(submitted on June 30th - online on the App Store on July 7th):

  • A few bugfixes (thanks to Taroen and to Janett's young son - we're so sorry that you lost your ruler)
  • One new gear and one new ruler - bringing the total gear/ruler combinations up to 12
  • Send doodle by email
  • Rainbow pen that draws beautiful color patterns
Version 1.0 -(submitted on May 10th - online on the App Store on May 18th)
  • Initial release
  • Three gears, two rulers, 9 colors
  • Adjustable pen size
  • Save your doodles to you Photo Album in 768x1024 (perfect for creating wallpapers for your iPad!)
  • If you draw on the table it will stay there! (but it fades with time, so don't despair! ;-)