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We just had our first negative review ;-(

posted 24 May 2010, 22:02 by Morten Ditlevsen
This, of course, is part of going public with something. And a big part of the iPhone/iPad app ecosystem it seems. Still it hurts to know that a user is disappointed with our app, and we wish that we could communicate directly with that user. If anyone out there has questions or issues with ÜberDoodle, please write to us at and we will do anything we can to help you out!

On the other hand we must also thank the user, because he/she brings actual issues to our attention that we were unaware of. We will of course strive to rid the app of the reported bug - and when that is done this user will have helped us make the app better!

You can indeed change the hole in which the pen is placed. This is done by tapping a pen and dragging it to the hole in which you wish to place the pen.

Our support page and small demo video on the front page intends to show all the things you can do with the app, but perhaps we need some kind of in-app demonstration?