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Review of version 1.1 from UK app store

posted 19 Sept 2010, 10:53 by Morten Ditlevsen   [ updated 19 Sept 2010, 12:28 ]
Nice review in the UK app store. The reviewer requests more gears - and this is definitely one of the things we would like to do as well. Stay tuned! ;-)

Awesome - ★★★★★

by Apidaya - Version 1.1 - 22 July 2010

I had a spirograph many years ago... I remember the frustration of getting everything perfect...(gears would slip out of place just when I was about to finish a masterpiece) and the set I had was devoid of pins, but used a rubbish clip mechanism to secure the paper.... This is a fantastic version of the old toy, great fun, versatile and easy...much, much easier. I cant say I bought an iPad to sit and draw spirals with, but it's definitely one of the more entertaining apps I've bought. Of course... When you've found a great app, you want more... And thats not to say there isnt enough here, but im loving this app and i hope theres more to come: - More gears for a start (I think my set had 15) and not just circular, but perhaps the odd shaped ones that existed, there were oval shaped gears and triangular shaped ones...and there were also odd shaped rulers too...not to mention my old favourite the straight one which had gears on the outside. - The ability to zoom on the paper... - different coloured paper, black with a white pen would be cool. - a little help tab just to explain gestures... ^_^ Great little app, worth getting