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ÜberDoodle hits version 2.0!!!

posted 1 Sept 2011, 12:30 by Morten Ditlevsen   [ updated 12 Mar 2012, 06:09 ]
New in version 2.0 is:
iPhone/iPod Touch support! One of the most requested features of ÜberDoodle has been implemented. Now you can doodle on the go through a completely new and simplified user interface for the smaller screens - but with exactly the same features and possibilities as on the iPad.
We have released the app as a universal binary - meaning that the same app installs on both iPad/iPhone and iPod Touch without you having to re-purchase for each device.

Other news in 2.0 are:
Resize rulers: You can now resize the rulers using two fingers in order to draw tiny or huge versions of your favorite patterns.

New graphics: All rulers and gears are now drawn with mathematical precision by the app - this makes it easier for us to give you new gears and rulers in the future - and the formula ensures that the gears always fit in rulers with subpixel precision. :-)

One new gear (33 teeth) and one new ruler (100 teeth) giving a total of 5 gears and 4 rulers and thus 20 different combinations for you to try out!

Small easter egg introduced. See if you can find it and let us know! ;-)

Here are a few iPad and iPhone screenshots of the new version: