Now works on iPad AND on the iPhone!

New: Print your beautiful designs directly from the app!
New: Connect the app to your television using VGA or HDMI connectors from Apple.

Thank you very much for all your suggestions - it is nice to see new suggestions in the poll - and to receive suggestions from you all by email. Keep it coming! :-)

Here is a list of suggestions from you all that has been implemented thus far:

More rulers/gears - we continually add more rulers and gears, but we keep this poll option since we can always need more!
iPhone version
Connecting to TV
Automatic draw entire spiro (aka 'lazy mode' :-)
Paint directly using your finger
Email sharing

Get nostalgic with the classic spiral drawing tool! Great for children too!
The box contains five colorful gears, four rulers, ten brand new pens - including a MAGIC rainbow pen - and an unlimited supply of (virtual) paper!
Draw spirals using the gears or simply paint directly on the paper using your finger.
Email your doodles to family and friends - or save them and use them as beautiful wallpapers for your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

Super quick howto:
- Drag the active gear in circles inside a ruler to draw
- Drag ruler to the perfect spot on the paper. You can even rotate and resize the rulers using two fingers on opposing sides of the ruler
- Select between the five gears and four rulers (by dragging a gear onto a ruler)
- Choose color by tapping
- Tap a hole on a gear to place the pen
- (iPad) Double-tap paper to move or rotate it
- Select pen size using the slider
- Tap button to save doodle, email or start a new one
- (iPad) If you wish to move the active gear out of it's ruler, double tap it. We use double tapping for this to avoid accidentally moving the gear out of the ruler while drawing