Over the years I've stumbled upon a wide variety of spirograph-inspired art and general weirdness. Have a look! ;-)

Drawing machine made from two turntables

posted 11 May 2012, 06:53 by Morten Ditlevsen

Turntable drawing machine

Spirograph business cards

posted 11 May 2012, 06:50 by Morten Ditlevsen

Excellent tutorial from Adafruit:

Spirograph Business Card tutorial

Spirograph tattoo!

posted 11 May 2012, 06:43 by Morten Ditlevsen


It might please you to know that this is just an art project and not a real tattoo. ;-)
(I want one!!!)

Read more here:

Human Spirograph

posted 11 May 2012, 06:34 by Morten Ditlevsen

1965 BBC broadcast about Spirograph toy

posted 11 May 2012, 06:30 by Morten Ditlevsen

This clip requires RealPlayer plugin:

Pyro-Spirograph Drawings

posted 11 May 2012, 06:29 by Morten Ditlevsen

Spirograph patterns

posted 11 May 2012, 06:25 by Morten Ditlevsen

A really cool collection of original and unique patterns:


Spirograph art

posted 11 May 2012, 06:23 by Morten Ditlevsen


posted 11 May 2012, 06:19 by Morten Ditlevsen

There are many cool videos showing harmonograph drawing machines on youtube. Cool!


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